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Wedding Décor

Whilst flower petals and their meanings are central to everything we do at Keslowena, they are not all we do and confetti is not the only way you can include dried flowers and convey meaning at your wedding.

Each of the decorations described below are made to order and designed to meet your individual requirements. We can vary the size, the colours, the types of ribbon; we can include dried flowers, feathers, crystals, fairy lights, bunting – the options are defined only by our imaginations! We supply an explanation of the meaning behind the colours, flowers and everything else we have included with each of our decorations.

All of our wedding décor is from our bespoke range and is made to order so make sure you contact us in plenty of time. To order or enquire about anything you see here click on the link and this will take you to our bespoke order form – fill this in and we will then contact you to discuss what you want and suggest some ideas. Once we have agreed the details of your chosen wedding décor we will be able to send you a quote and only once you are happy with that will we ask for any money! You should allow at least 2 months from contacting us to us being able to get the decorations to you – though simpler decorations such as the rustic ribbons and jars should be with you much sooner. If you have any questions about the process for ordering (or anything else for that matter!) you can e mail us direct ( or use the form on the Cont@ct page.

Ribbon Backdrop

Ribbon backdrops look gorgeous and provide so many opportunities for personalisation. They look stunning set up as a backdrop to the Ceremony and add a real fun element to the photos afterwards.

We can make the ribbon backdrops to almost any size (our maximum width would be about 2 meters). We have a range of different poles you can choose from including Hazel for a more rustic theme; different hard woods such as Cherry or Sycamore for a more traditional look or a metallic silver or copper finish.

Traditionally ribbon backdrops are hung with – well ribbons! You can choose to have a rainbow of ribbons or use a much more restrained colour palette. You can choose to include lace, hessian and printed ribbons or use gauze ribbons which are much wider than traditional ribbon but give a beautiful, floaty effect. We have red velvet ribbons, gold and silver glittery ribbons; choose the colours to match a sports team, favourite car, the colour of his eyes – the choice is yours!

Some of our couples also choose to hang dried flowers from the pole, intermingled with the ribbons. You could include dried roses and gypsophila or might prefer stalks of wheat and lavender or love-in-a-mist – we will be happy to discuss the different options with you. You may also want to include strands of fairy lights – perhaps hanging down in between the ribbons or looped around the pole at the top.

Feathers hung in-between the ribbons can also look amazing – did you know that feathers represent love and new beginnings? They are also meant to protect you from evil spirits! Shells, crystals, photos – even bunting - all of these can be incorporated.

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Hanging or Standing Your Ribbon Backdrop

We supply the ribbon backdrops with ribbons at each end so that you can hang the ribbon on a wall or suspend from a beam.

We do understand that not every venue has somewhere suitable for hanging one of our ribbon backdrops, so are able to supply you with a stand to hang your ribbons from. These are made to order and will complement the ribbon backdrop you have ordered.

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Flower Chandeliers

Flower chandeliers look amazing hung from a central beam or beams if you want more than one. They consist of a ribbon covered circle from which you can choose to hang dried flowers, silk flowers, ribbons, feathers, fairy lights, photographs … whatever suits your wedding and you as a couple. We will help you design the perfect chandelier that adds something special to your wedding décor and means something special to you both.

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Table Decorations

Rustic Ribbons and Jars

These are very simple but very effective and can be used to hold a few fresh flowers, a candle or a small string of fairy lights.

We have a wide range of ribbons, colours and designs for you to choose from and can include sprigs of dried flowers such as gypsophila, yarrow or lavender. We recommend that you place the jars on the tables in groups of odd numbers (3 or 5 jars together look best). Alternatively, you can choose to have them grouped haphazardly down the length of the table - this can work especially well on the top table or at a smaller wedding where everyone is seated at the same table. We will be happy to advise If you are not sure how many you might need.

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Dried Flower Bunches

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective. Small bunches of dried flowers, tied with a simple, gauze ribbon can look incredibly effective. Flowers such as lavender, yarrow and gypsophila can work very well but stalks of wheat, dried roses, love-in-a-mist or delphinium can also look stunning – and of course all have their own special meaning.

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