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Welcome to Keslowena!

Keslowena is the Cornish word for Congratulations – so Keslowena – you have found the company that offers dried flower petal confetti with a twist.

We are a mother and daughter team based in Cornwall and we have created Keslowena to share with you our love for flowers and the stories they tell. There are other companies who sell flower petal confetti but we are the only people who use the language of flowers to give your confetti special meaning.

Whilst Victorians are well known for using flowers in different ways to send messages to their loved ones, an understanding of the meaning and energies of different flowers, herbs and trees goes back many hundreds if not thousands of years. We have used a variety sources to put together the meanings and messages behind our confetti mixes.

Our values

Environmentally friendly

It is important to us that as many of our products and as much of our packaging as possible is environmentally friendly – even our glitter is biodegradable! We can’t quite say that we are 100% environmentally friendly yet but are constantly on the look-out for new suppliers who will help us move towards this goal.

Excellent service

We understand how important it is to provide a helpful, friendly and efficient service and we do our very best to deliver that. You can contact us directly via our contacts page, email or social media and we will respond personally within 24 hours (and usually quicker than that!).

Whether you are ordering our gorgeous petals as confetti for your wedding day, a tribute to a loved one or a gift for a friend we know that you want them to be as special as possible and we go out of our way to make them special. We pay a great deal of attention to the presentation and packaging of all the petals and gifts we send out and are always happy to work with you to personalise your order.

Passionate about petals

We love what we do and we love the petals and their stories that we get to work with. Above all we want to make sure that you love what we do too! We have worked hard to develop a range of products that we believe provide excellent value for money with that extra special something so that whatever you order, we hope it will exceed your expectations.

Breaking News ...

Find out what Girl Gets Wed had to say about us.

... Very special announcement

We are both very pleased (and a very proud Mum!) to tell you that Becky is currently on a glorious new path leading her to become a sacred celebrant, trained by the priestess' of Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple

She is well on her way to performing handfastings, naming ceremonies and passing over ceremonies. All performed, and held, with love and intention.There will be more information on the website about this in due course, but she is taking bookings now for 2019 and beyond- There is more information on her facebook Page- Willow Ceremonies or you can email her direct

... Weddings that don’t cost the earth

We are very pleased to tell you that we are now a supplier on Sinclair and Saffron. Sinclair and Saffron are a brand new website who offer a comprehensive, affordable and sustainable range of products for everything wedding! Everything listed on their site is ethical, responsibly sourced and as close to minimum waste as possible so fits well with our own values – check out our listings on their site.

... Unconventional Wedding Festival

We are so excited to be part of the Unconventional Wedding Festival which is taking place in May! This is going to be unlike anything we have exhibited at before and we can’t wait! Watch this space for more information as we get closer. Unconventional Wedding Festival event which are always amazing – we hope to see you there!

... Etsy

Did you know we have an Etsy shop? You can browse all of our handmade petals gifts and confetti mixes on there – tell your friends!

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