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Displaying Your Confetti

Once you have chosen your confetti petals you need to think about how you would like to show them off. We have a whole range of different options you can choose from though you may have your own ideas for how you would like to present your confetti too – if you don’t see what you want here then just contact us and we will work with you to make sure that we find just what you are looking for!

Just so you know, all our petal mixes are supplied in ivory organza bags; we sell these in ‘cone sized’ bags so you can choose to either buy a small bag containing enough petals to fill a single cone or in a 10-cone sized bag which – predictably – contains enough petals to fill 10 cones!

You may wish to purchase enough of the individual bags so that each of your guests has one. You can either hang these on the back of the chairs used during the ceremony, or you could use one of our wicker hampers to display them so that guests can help themselves when the time comes to shower you both with beautiful and symbolic petals!

Scroll down to see some of the other options you could choose to hold your petals.


Lotka Paper Cones

Confetti cones are a great option for holding your petal mix. Our cones are made from Lokta paper which is hand-made giving it an artisan style finish.

Lotka paper is actually made from the inner bark of a type of laurel, Daphne papyracea –Laurels symbolise glory – perfect for celebrating such a glorious occasion as a wedding! The Lokta bush grows abundantly in Nepal’s Himalayan forests, it is a renewable resource- when harvested the roots remain and the Lotka bush regrows into a 4-5 meter high plant within just a few years. Harvesting the bark and hand making the paper (which is acid free) provides much needed employment for rural women within Nepal. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest quality papers.

Our cones come in a wide range of colours and designs so you should have no problem finding the perfect paper to complement your wedding décor and theme. We have simple, single colour cones which look beautiful filled with a contrasting colour petal or a simple blend of white and green petals such as white delphinium or rose petals with green fronds of lady’s mantle mixed through.

There are also more colourful cones available and you can view all our cones in the shop. If you can’t see just what you are looking for then send us an email explaining the sort of thing you are would like and we will be happy to find you something which is just right.

Lace Doily Cones

Confetti cones made from doilys have a very delicate and lacy appearance; they are also somewhat smaller than the Lotka cones which means your bags of confetti will go further!

If you have young bridesmaids, a small basket filled with lace doily cones filled with your chosen petals is a very simple and attractive alternative to a more traditional bouquet.

Some couples chose to have lace doily cones available for all their guests to use, they look especially attractive filled with a contrasting petal such as lavender.

You can order all our cones from our shop page.

Personalised Cones

We use plain, unbleached Lotka paper to make our range of personalised cones. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!


One popular option is to have an excerpt from a piece of music printed on to your cones, this looks very stylish and makes the cones themselves very special to you as a couple. You could choose music from your ceremony or perhaps the music and lyrics from a song which is special to you as a couple printed onto the cones.


A more unusual but very attractive option is to have a picture printed onto your cones. You can see here we have used some of the images from our greeting card range to make a very pretty selection of cones.

You may have an image in mind that is central to the theme of your wedding – we can print anything from Cornish pasties to tattoos or perhaps that special picture of the two of you dancing in the moonlight …

You can choose to have all the cones printed with the same design or you could mix and match with 2 or 3 different pictures.


You can be as romantic as you like with your design. Perhaps a line from a poem, a promise from your vows to each other or a Celtic blessing? We can of course also print your names or initials; the date of your wedding or the date you met, got engaged, had your first kiss…

If you would like us to personalise your cones for you send us an e mail via this link and we will get straight back to you make sure we know just what you want. We will also send you a sample of the personalised cone before we make up your order to ensure you are happy.

Bags of Petals!

Some couples prefer to keep things simple and to let guests who wish to, help themselves to a handful of petals. You will still need to display your petals, some couples choose to do this by filling one of wicker baskets with petals others use paper bags to hold their petals.

Unwaxed Paper Bags

These suit couples with a more rustic themed wedding. The bags are made of textured brown paper which is unbleached, unwaxed, environmentally friendly and which look very attractive nestled inside a basket or crate lined with tissue paper (which we supply with all our baskets). We recommend you aim for 3-4 bags per basket and then divide your petals between the bag - scroll down to learn more about these different options.

Flower Design Bags

We also have a range of very pretty, flowery paper bags available if these suit you better. These bags are also sturdy enough to stand on their own if you wish though they also look very attractive in one of our wicker baskets or crates.

There are different designs to choose from and they look very stylish grouped together on a table or steps near your exit – or you could place a bag at the end of each row of chairs. (If you are getting married outside you could consider weighing each bag down with a couple of pebbles in the bottom).

Wicker Baskets and Hampers

Having chosen your petals and bags or cones you will need to think about how you are going to show them off on your wedding day. We have a selection of wicker baskets and hampers to choose from, alternatively a wooden crate might be more in keeping with your theme. Scroll down to find out more about the options you can choose from.

Wicker Hampers

These hampers are very attractive and come in either traditional or white washed wicker. Each hamper holds 20-30 cones or 3-4 bags of petals and is supplied with tissue paper for you to line the hamper with when setting up your confetti. We also add an ivory organza ribbon to ensure the lid stays propped open when you need it to (rather than falling back on itself). The individual, organza bags of petals also look very pretty displayed in these hampers.

The hampers look very attractive just as they are but you can also choose to have them decorated. We can add fairy lights, bunting, whole dried flowers, ribbons, crystals, miniature brides and grooms or mementoes of your own as you wish – when the hampers are decorated in this way they look stunning - and are as unique as you are!

If you would like to order a bespoke, decorated hamper contact us via this link and we will work with you to make sure we are able to make you your perfect hamper!

Wicker Baskets

Our wicker baskets come in a range of different sizes and are available in either white or traditional wicker. The smaller baskets are ideal if you have young bridesmaids or flower girls who can carry them filled with petals; the larger baskets will hold 20-30 cones or 3-4 bags of petals easily. You can also use them to hold the individual organza bags of petals of course.

Each is supplied with ivory tissue paper to use as a lining if you wish.

As with the hampers you can also choose to have the baskets decorated – dried lavender and gysophila entwined around the brim of the basket looks very romantic or perhaps you would like to use dried yarrow flowers which are part of a traditional Cornish blessing at weddings – fairy lights, ribbons and bunting are fine too!

If you would like to order a bespoke, decorated basket contact us via this link and we will work with you to make sure we create a fabulous basket (or baskets!) just for you!

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates make a lovely alternative to hold your cones or bags of petals. These are very fashionable at the moment and particularly suited to a rustic or Boho themed wedding. They will easily hold 30 to 40 cones or 4 to six bags of petals.

Guest Books and Photo Albums

Petal confetti, glitter, beautiful cones and amazing baskets all make for wonderful photos so why not think about buying a photo album to complement the flower theme?! They also make perfect gifts.

We have a range of beautiful photograph albums available, these are made from the same Lokta paper used to make our confetti cones. Each album is filled with plain sheets of Lokta paper tied with a ribbon and is supplied in a presentation box.

As well as photo albums, we have guest books available made from the same Lokta paper. These come in a choice of rose petal or cornflower and are also supplied in an attractive, presentation box.

You can order these via the shop page.

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