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Bespoke Confetti and Handfasting Cords

All our confetti mixes and handfasting cords are made to order and we are happy to make up something a bit different for you if you can’t quite see what you are looking for. We have given you some ideas below but do just get in touch with us either via email (link) or through our Contact page to let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you with some ideas. Once you are happy with our suggestion, we will confirm the price and then ask you to make payment either via BACs or paypal – whichever is easiest for you. We will then make up your order and post it out to you in plenty of time for your ceremony.

Bespoke confetti

We love the different petal mixes we offer but you may feel they are not quite what you are looking for – perhaps you would just like a different colour mix, or would like to incorporate particular flowers or herbs? Alternatively, you may be looking for different ways to display your confetti – how about confetti wellingtons for your festival themed ceremony; perhaps an Alice in Wonderland theme - we have even provided a confetti covered space ship for a Star Wars themed ceremony – whatever you want just ask!

Bespoke Handfasting Cords

Whilst we think that choosing a handfasting cord to match your confetti is a pretty fantastic option we recognise that you might also want to choose something a bit different. We are happy to make up handfasting cords to any length you wish and in any colour scheme you require and with any number of ribbons. We can also add in different finishes to the cords such as feathers or charms as you can see from the examples above.

Blessings Handfasting Cord

Many couples choose to have a handfasting as a way of blessing their union – whether at the beginning of their relationship or after many years together. Your handfasting cord can be chosen to include colours that have significance to you both, match the season or reflect the location of your ceremony (for example blues and whites to reflect the sea or perhaps greens, browns and copper to complement a woodland setting).

Alternatively, you may choose your handfasting cord to symbolise your hopes for the future of your union- perhaps you are planning for a child and you may wish to choose a cord to symbolise this

Themed Ceremony

You may have chosen a particular theme for your ceremony that reflects your personality; perhaps Gothic or Cornish or Harry Potter – or all three! Well perhaps not all three but many couples do opt for a theme and we are happy to suggest different colour schemes and different finishes to your cord to tie in with your ceremony.

Sacred Space

Becky is trained by the Goddess temple in Glastonbury as one of only a handful of Sacred Celebrants. If you would like her to bless your handfasting cord in the pagan tradition and for the cord to be made by her as she holds sacred space then do get in touch to discuss your requirements (email link).

If you just want to ask us some questions about our products or have an idea in mind – just get in touch! You can either send us a message via our Contact page or email us direct.

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