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Wedding Décor

Whist we specialise in petals we love colour and decoration and are pleased and proud to be able to supply a couple of unique – and very personal ways to decorate your venue.

Ribbon Backdrop

Each of our ribbon backdrops are unique and made to order. We work with you to make sure we get just the right combination of textures, colour and widths of ribbon, we enjoy sourcing unusual ribbons and always use the highest quality.

Couples have used the Ribbon backdrops to provide a focal point for their Ceremony, as a gorgeous decoration behind the top table or to provide colour and movement along barn walls.

We use natural hazel wood as standard for the hanging pole but are happy to supply other options including a range of different hard woods, copper or silver metal poles. The ribbons we hang from it can be simple and elegant or a riot of colours and textures – the choice is yours! We will work with you to make sure that the backdrop complements your colour scheme and theme. We have created beach themed ribbons, Pride ribbons, elegant ivory gauze and dried lavender – we can add crystals, dinosaurs (we have been asked!), feathers – just ask – we love a challenge!

Tip! Our ribbon backdrops can be repurposed after your wedding – they make gorgeous bed heads or wall hangings!

Flower Chandelier

Just like the ribbon backdrops, each flower chandelier is made to order so that we can ensure it is just what you are looking for. They are perfect hung as a centre piece in an outside venue or from wooden beams in a barn setting. We can use high quality silk flowers, dried flowers, feathers, crystals, photos – the limit is our (or your!) imagination.

If you would like to know more about either the ribbon backdrops or the flower chandeliers and talk through how these might look then just get in touch.

Petal Orbs

We think our petal mixes are so beautiful that they should be available all year round to give as gifts to those special people in your life. Whether for Mother's Day, a Birthday, Naming ceremony or just to say Thank You - our Petal Orbs are perfect.

Each of the petal orbs is hand-filled with a mix of our beautiful natural petals and strung with a ribbon which complements the colours of your petals. The Petal Orbs can be hung in a window or from a fire place or just against a wall. They also make really attractive and unusual decorations for your wedding or event venue – hang from beams or the backs of chairs, use in groups of 3 or 5 to decorate lighting fixtures or candelabras, string along the front of the top table… the ideas are limitless!

You can choose from either a traditional spherical Orb which looks like glass but is actually plastic and so much less fragile than glass, or we supply heart shaped Petal Orbs which are made from iridescent glass. Each of the Petal Orbs is beautifully packaged in its own box.

Review: Gorgeous presentation! Beautiful gift! Was loved by the recipient! Thank you so much for all the care and thought that went into it!

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