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Confetti Display

So, having chosen your confetti petals you need to think about how you want to display it on your special day and we hope the information below will give you some ideas.

Single, organza bags of confetti

If you choose to buy your confetti in single bags these can be used to decorate your venue as well as give each guest or couple their own petals to throw. We supply our petals in high-quality, ivory organza bags- each bag has a matching silk ribbon at the neck and an attractive label telling your guests about your petal mix.

The single bags can be hung on the back of chairs or placed in a vintage suitcase or wicker hamper for guests to help themselves to – whichever way you choose they will look gorgeous!

Loose confetti

You might prefer to have the confetti loose so that guests can help themselves to a handful when the time comes. Any container will work to hold the petals – some couples choose to use a picnic basket or a wooden crate whilst others might choose a seagrass basket or something completely unique to them. We have a small selection of baskets and hampers available in the shop which you can buy and are happy to advise on other options and source these for you.

Tip! If your basket is too large to show off the amount of confetti you require consider filling the bottom of your basket with scrunched up tissue paper and then place a whole sheet flat over that which you can then cover with petals – perfect!

Confetti cones

We have a beautiful range of artisan cones to hold your confetti. The cones are made from hand-made Lotka paper (which is fully sustainable) and come in a range of classic, romantic and contemporary designs. We have a limited range available in the shop but if you don’t see what you need then ask as we have access to a wider range of designs on request.

We are also able to supply personalised cones if you wish – you could use sheet music, a picture of you both or keep it simple with your names and date of your wedding. We have lots of ideas so just contact us to discuss if you are thinking about a personalised design for your cones.

Each cone will hold plenty of confetti for one person to throw, you will also need to think about where you are going to display your cones. Again - wicker hampers, baskets, suit cases or crates all work well – we are always happy to give you some suggestions and help you find what you need – just ask.

Tip! Make sure you ask someone who will be at the wedding ceremony early to set up your confetti display- it can take a few minutes to fill each of the cones and arrange them in your holder ready for your guests to admire!

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