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Frequently Asked Questions

How much confetti do I need?

We sell our confetti in either single bags or 10-cone bags which measure about one litre. A litre of petals will provide 10 adults with a good handful each or will be enough to scatter over about 3 tables if using them as table decorations. We advise that you bank on about 2/3rds of your guests wanting to throw confetti so you can order accordingly. For example if you are inviting 100 people to your wedding we would suggest that you plan for about 60-70 people to want to throw the confetti and so you will need to order 6-7 10 cone bags of petals.

Will the petals stain my dress?

All our petals are completely natural – there are no added dyes and they are all dried naturally (apart from the large rose petals which are freeze dried to preserve their natural colour). We have extensively tested the petals in different circumstances and have not found any problems with colour from the flower petals transferring to people’s clothes and consider it very unlikely that it will; however we cannot give you an absolute guarantee that this won’t happen. We will be happy to send you a sample of your chosen petals free of charge for you to check if that would be helpful.

Is your confetti biodegradable?

Yes! All our petals are completely natural, we air dry all of the smaller petals (the large rose petals are freeze dried to maintain their perfection) so each of our mixes consist only of flower petals and dried herbs (and a little magic!). Many venues and Churches will only permit biodegradable confetti to be used so Keslowena confetti is perfect.

Is your glitter biodegradable?

Yes! Most glitters are made with microplastics, which can damage marine life and the eco system. Our glitter is marine AND waste water biodegradable and can also be added to your compost heap If any is accidently ingested by a marine animal then the glitter naturally breaks down during digestion. This glitter is also vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Can I use the glitter as part of my make-up?

Yes – all our glitter is cosmetic grade and biodegradable so is completely safe to add to a make-up base to enhance your look – if you need a particular colour then just let us know.

How do you know the meanings of the different petals?

We use different books and sources to help us discover the meanings attributed to each of the flowers and herbs we use in our petal mixes – from Thomas Culpepper to modern day authors who have researched the topic.

Do you grow your own petals?

We grow as much as we can ourselves and certainly some of the more unusual flowers and herbs we use such as love-in-the mist and Ladies mantle. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to grow all our own petals so do source some from carefully chosen suppliers whose standards match our own.

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