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Goddess Petal Mixes

People have thrown leaves, flowers and petals with intention for thousands of years. This is now traditionally done over their loved ones to celebrate rites of passage like weddings and funerals.

Cornwall is a mystical land full of sacred places, ancient trees, holy wells and wild, beautiful space. Many people also use flowers and petals as offerings when visiting places with sacred intent and so we have created a very special range of Goddess petal mixes based on the four faces of the Divine Feminine. We use these ourselves when creating ceremony, marking the turning wheel of each year and to give thanks at the sacred places we hold dear. We wanted to share these mixes with you and the stories behind the petals – we hope you will love them too.

Keslowena Confetti

At Keslowena we have a real passion for petals and make sure that we only use the best quality of natural petals and herbs we can find. Wherever possible we grow our own and those we can’t grow ourselves we source from suppliers we know and trust. All the petals we use are taken straight from the plant – we never use petals that have dyes- or anything else- added and all our petals and herbs are dried naturally.

Goddess petal mixes

We have 4 different mixes that you can choose from. Each of the different mixes contains a carefully chosen combination of flower petals and herbs to make sure they look stunning, smell divine and convey the symbolism which is right for you.


For this petal mix, we drew inspiration from the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. The Maiden is youthful and creative. Her spring-time fires call back the sun and thus its warming and life-giving energy returns to us. The petals speak of merriment and laughter had well into the night. The herbs whisper of endless love whilst some Cornish magic and good luck is sprinkled throughout. Together, they create the perfect symphony of youthful, life-enhancing love.

Maiden confetti contains many different plants, herbs and petals to convey the Maiden Goddess’ energy.


Lover confetti mix uses petals & herbs sacred to the Lover aspect of the Goddess. The Lover is empowered, she is sovereign in her life, and her chosen partner is a true equal. They create a powerful duo, their love story becomes myth & legend, and lasts the length of time.

Lover Confetti tells the tale of constant, passionate love. A dash of Cornish good luck tops this mix off beautifully.


The Mother aspect of the Goddess…She, giver of life, of nourishment…she is our muse for Mother confetti. The Mother Goddess loves unconditionally, a love that is rarefied; but those that have felt unconditional love, from any source, will never forget how it feels.

We have used herbs and sun-loving petals to represent the great Mother in this petal mix. They bring about an abundance in love, and the capabilities to enhance communication with your beloved. As always, we have added a pinch of Cornish good luck to this mix.


The Crone aspect of the Goddess is deep, ancient wisdom. She has seen it all. The night sky is her cape, and each winking star is a human love story told upon Her tapestry. Search for your star next time you cast your eyes skyward and know that you and your beloved are held by the great love of the Crone and her cosmos.

Crone confetti mix uses petals and herbs to convey the Crone’s great energy, adding a splash of Cornish luck for good measure.

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