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Handfastings Cords

Handfastings are a beautiful way to tie the knot!

Handfasting ceremonies stem from a pagan tradition where a cord or ribbon is used to bind the couple together. A handfasting can be performed as part of a more traditional wedding ceremony – usually before the exchange of rings or it can be the whole ceremony. Handfastings don’t have to be restricted to marriage ceremonies, they can also be used to mark a renewal of vows, marriage blessings, special anniversaries, elopements or even engagements.

Keslowena handfasting cords are made with love and designed to match your confetti. Each cord is a minimum of 6 feet of woven, satin ribbons. 6 foot is a good length to use for binding though we can do longer lengths to order (see our bespoke option for handfasting cords). We use 4 lengths of ribbon to weave our cords and use a design unique to ourselves in which the ribbons are woven together so that they form a harmonious whole. Each cord is beautifully packaged in an organza bag to match the packaging of your confetti.


Our joy hand fasting cord contains pink and lavender ribbons to echo the colours of the petals on our Joy confetti mix – on of our best sellers. Each end of the cord is finished with a silver, heart shaped charm ‘made with love’.


This beautiful handfasting cord is made up of ivory and blue satin ribbons to complement our Grace confetti.


This gorgeous, vibrant handfasting cord picks up the colours of our Vitality confetti with strong and sunny yellow, orange and ivory – simply stunning.


Our Romance confetti is made up of dark red rose petals with a hint of lavender and earth green and the handfasting cord picks up these rich colours with wine reds, deep lavender and green.

Bespoke Handfasting cords

Whilst we think that choosing a handfasting cord to match your confetti is a pretty fantastic option we recognise that you might also want to choose something a bit different. We are happy to make up handfasting cords to any length you wish and in any colour scheme you require and with any number of ribbons. We can also add in different finishes to the cords such as feathers or charms as you can see from the examples above.

Blessings handfasting cord

Many couples choose to have a handfasting as a way of blessing their union – whether at the beginning of their relationship or after many years together. Your handfasting cord can be chosen to include colours that have significance to you both, match the season or reflect the location of your ceremony (for example blues and whites to reflect the sea or perhaps greens, browns and copper to complement a woodland setting).

Alternatively, you may choose your handfasting cord to symbolise your hopes for the future of your union- perhaps you are planning for a child and you may wish to choose a cord to symbolise this

Themed Ceremony

You may have chosen a particular theme for your ceremony that reflects your personality; perhaps Gothic or Cornish or Harry Potter – or all three! Well perhaps not all three but many couples do opt for a theme and we are happy to suggest different colour schemes and different finishes to your cord to tie in with your ceremony.

Sacred Space

Becky is trained by the Goddess temple in Glastonbury as one of only a handful of Sacred Celebrants. If you would like her to bless your handfasting cord in the pagan tradition and for the cord to be made by her as she holds sacred space then do get in touch to discuss your requirements (email link).

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