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Say it with petals

At Keslowena we have a passion for petals and the stories they can tell, the messages they can convey and the love they help us all to share.

The death of a friend or loved one is always hard to bear. The funeral provides an opportunity to say goodbye, to celebrate their life and remember their story and to show – in some small way at least- how much they mean to you. We hope our petals will help you to do that.

Funeral Petals

Our dried rose petals look beautiful and are completely natural and fully biodegradable. Each of the 4 mixes has a different meaning associated with the petals which is written on the label. If you want a different mix of petals then we will be very happy to make up a personal petal mix just for you – just ask.

The rose petals that we use are of the highest quality and freeze dried – there are no added colours or dyes. You can make your choice based on the colours of the petals or perhaps the meaning behind them:

Deep red rose petals: symbolise enduring love

Simple white rose petals: symbolise spirituality, innocence and purity

White rose petals edged with pale pink: symbolise love and gratitude

A mix of yellow rose and green hydrangea petals: symbolise friendship and heartfelt emotion

The Funeral petals come in 1 litre or single size unbleached linen bags (a single bag provides a good handful and a 1 litre bag is plenty for 10-12 handfuls). Each bag of Funeral petals is finished with a sprig of fresh rosemary for remembrance and a kraft card label with the meaning of the petals on it and finished with dark green, silk ribbon and a small metal heart charm.

Our single bags of petals also make touching keepsakes and can be given to friends and family at the Funeral. We can include a personal message, name, dates etc. on a hand made paper scroll with each bag if that is your wish.

Displaying your petals

Once you have chosen your petals you will need to consider how you want to display them.

We supply them in unbleached linen bags which contain enough for a handful or larger bags which hold around 1 litre of petals. Many people choose to use the bags to hold and share the petals, alternatively you might want to use one of our sea-grass baskets to share the petals amongst friends and family.

Books of Condolence

We also supply hand-made, Lotka paper books of condolence. Lotka paper is made in Nepal from a fully sustainable source and is also completely biodegradable.

We have 3 different designs which you can choose from and each comes in their own matching box, making sure you have somewhere special to keep them. You can find all the information you need in our Shop.

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